Portfolio of Jon Wolf, Wilderness Illustration

2 thoughts on “Portfolio of Jon Wolf, Wilderness Illustration

  1. Great to connect with you tonight at the YAC event.
    Thanks for the link to your site, some nice work in
    your portfolio. I’d have to say the print work . . .
    Hoskins Marine Station & Pico Blanco Camp are by
    far your strongest pieces! I’d encourage you to take
    the print class at MPC, since you really seem to have
    a natural feel for the print medium, and creating
    beautiful graphic compositions.

    Good luck with your pursuits!


  2. You are truly talented, I love your work. I had the pleasure of taking one of your paint night classes & it was my first time ever and I must say it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much Jon, I look forward to attending many more it is so fun 😊 thank you for being a great teacher, keep up the excellent work….God Bless!


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